Flashback to When Ronda Rousey Competed Against Conor McGregor in the Bud Light Team Challenge

Kel Dansby
Ronda Rousey and Conor McGregor participate in the Bud Light Team Challenge. (Image: Team Epiphany)

Ronda Rousey staring down Conor McGregor is an image many MMA fans could only dream of. And thanks to Team Epiphany and Bud Light, fans were actually able to witness this epic nose-to-nose.

In 2016, Bud Light brought some of the UFC’s best athletes together for a commercial shoot and to compete in the Bud Light Team Challenge. As part of the challenge, fighters were split into teams and paired with one fan per team. The winning team would earn their fan a pair of tickets to UFC 200 and the “Bud Light Living” championship belt. 

Ronda and Conor led a group of UFC fighters that included Anthony “Rumble” Johnson, Cat Zingano, John Dodson, and Cain Velasquez. After pairing up, the teams competed in fun challenges such as bottle punching, a cutout punching contest, and the finisher challenge to determine whose fan would take home the UFC 200 tickets.

The challenges were timed or judged to determine who’d be crowned the Bud Light Living Champion. McGregor’s team ended up winning by less than half a second, but even in defeat, Ronda had a lot of fun competing with and against her UFC peers.

Team Epiphany delivered in a major way with the Bud Light Team Challenge and awarded fans with a glimpse at the lighter side of many of their favorite UFC fighters.

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