Throwback: Ronda Describing Her First Time Being Recognized by a Fan in 2012

Kel Dansby
Ronda Rousey

Getting recognized by fans may not be an odd occurrence for Ronda in 2020, as you’d expect of a UFC Hall of Famer, the former WWE RAW Women’s Champion, and an official Charlie’s Angel. But in 2012, it was far less normal.

“I had a life-changing moment, which I’m sure happens to every celebrity at some point,” Rousey told in 2012. “I was recognized at Whole Foods. When you walk into Whole Foods and wonder if there is someone famous there—that was me this time. I had that Walking Dead feeling where I was wondering if I had a zombie behind me. But they were like, ‘Are you Ronda?’ and it was cool.”

The shock may have now worn off, but the appreciation has not. ‘Til this day, Ronda’s fans have stood with her as she made the rounds as WWE RAW Women’s Champion, as she’s been on an “impregnation vacation,” and as she became a cast member on E!’s WWE reality series Total Divas. That connection is the reason men, women, and children recognize and appreciate Ronda’s impact on the world of sports entertainment.

It’s not a reach to say that her down-to-earth attitude and relatability fueled her success in MMA and professional wrestling. As her platform has grown throughout the years, Ronda has never wavered in her love and appreciation for her fans.

You might remember that back in March, Ronda had some less than kind words for her bandwagon fans during a Monday Night RAW segment:

While some may not have liked Ronda’s honesty in the ring on RAW, the true Ronda fans understood why she’d had enough of the fair-weather fans that booed her. Those true fans had been down with her from the start and were counting down the days until she defended her title at WrestleMania 35.

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