Watch Ronda Rousey’s Destruction of Julia Budd’s Arm at Strikeforce Challengers

Justin Golightly

Ronda Rousey is an expert at tearing arms apart. She’s gone all Shinya Aoki on opponents since her judo days. Although, Ronda never snapped limbs out of vengeance: Just like when she dislocated Julia Budd’s elbow at Strikeforce Challengers, she didn’t have a choice.

You can’t blame her. After a controversial stoppage in her previous fight with Sarah D’Alelio—where Ronda mercifully let go of an armbar—no way she’d go through that mess again.

“I totally felt it go out. The referee said I couldn’t talk to her. So, I was like, ‘Alright, that’s totally out,'” she told Spencer Lazara. “I flipped her over and I was like, ‘Ew!’ I didn’t want to take my arm and point at it but I was like, ‘Uh, somebody stop this please.'”

It only took Ronda 39 seconds to turn Budd’s arm into what Pat Miletich called a flamingo’s knee, but we’d rather go off of legend Gene LeBell’s stopwatch (which read a second earlier).

With four armbar wins in a row, she set her sights on Miesha Tate as her opponents used their quick judo lessons to improve. Budd, who is Bellator’s current women’s featherweight champ, hasn’t lost a fight since.

“That loss actually propelled to me getting better with my wrestling, getting my ground game to where it should be and using my strikes better in my standup,” she recently told Sporting News. “Overall, it was a tough loss to swallow, but I’m grateful for it because it forced me to become a better fighter.”

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The armbar has taken Ronda from the bottom to the top, learn the moves and wear the gear!
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