Relive Ronda Rousey’s Controversial Armbar on Sarah D’Alelio at Strikeforce Challengers

Justin Golightly

In as much time as it took to read this sentence, Ronda Rousey snatched up Sarah D’Alelio’s arm in her Strikeforce Challengers debut.

She heard the Rice Krispies jingle singing from the elbow. Then D’Alelio yelled out, so Ronda told the ref and he stopped the fight. That small moment of mercy caused a huge controversy.

“The real controversy should be over people expecting me to continue when I’m knowingly injuring a girl that’s crying out in pain,” she posted on Facebook.”I think MMA would be worse off if there was a woman snapping someone’s arm in half while they’re screaming in agony on national television. I don’t regret my decision, I know I did the right thing.”

After the stoppage, some critics doubted that Ronda possessed the killer instinct required to make it far in MMA. Even without a seven-year fast-forward, their projections were ironic as soon as they were made.

When she was 17-years-old, Ronda was criticized for being too brutal of a judoka after leaving a trail of snapped arms in her wake. All because of a similar instance where an opponent claimed they didn’t tap. She didn’t hesitate on the mats after that and she never hesitated in MMA again either.    

“If the ref doesn’t stop it, you have to decide what you’re going to do,” Ronda’s mom told USA TODAY back in 2004. “And I say crank the sucker and pop that baby.”

Judge for yourself by watching Ronda Rousey’s fight with Sarah D’Alelio on UFC Fight Pass. 

You know the journey from then, now follow it as it happens and never miss a moment.
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