Watch Ronda Rousey Submit Charmaine Tweet in less than a Minute in Her Second Pro Fight

Kel Dansby
Ronda Rousey submits Charmaine Tweet in 49 seconds at 2011’s Hard Knocks Fighting Championship: School of Hard Knocks 12. (Image: Egsonwmma3 Youtube)

Ronda’s second professional MMA fight ended much like her first–with an armbar finish in under one minute. It took only 49 seconds for Ronda to defeat kickboxer Charmaine Tweet–who was making her professional MMA debut–when the two fought at Hard Knocks Fighting Championship: School of Hard Knocks 12 on June 2011.

Rousey was still raw as a striker, but she showed the willingness to engage long enough to close the distance and take Tweet to the ground with a koshi guruma throw. Once on the ground, she was able to scramble between full mount and side control to sink in a deep armbar and earn her second pro-MMA victory.

And the fight between Ronda and Tweet almost didn’t happen.

About a week before the fight, Ronda was offered the opportunity to replace an injured Gina Carano in a Strikeforce bout against Sarah D’Alelio. Rousey wanted to accept the fight but Hard Knocks Fighting Championship would not allow her out of her contracted fight with Tweet.

“I was like please, please. I literally begged,” Ronda told the Los Angeles Daily News. “Listen, you don’t know what you’re doing right here. It’s not gonna work out well for you. I’m just telling you, man. Let me out, let me go do this. They didn’t believe me, so I was pissed off.”

She used that slight as extra motivation in the lead up to her fight with Tweet.

“I came out right away, threw her right away, then she popped up. I actually did like an inside kick, then I threw her off the cage, went straight into a mount,” she said. “She pushed off to try to get me off and then I spun right into an armbar. Then I jumped up and I was like, ‘I fcking told you so!’”

Rousey would get the opportunity to fight D’Alelio inside of a Strikeforce cage just a few months after that victory. She submitted her with an armbar in 25 seconds.

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