Watch Ronda and Her Mom Team Up Against Bas Rutten

Justin Golightly
Ronda Rousey Bas Rutten

There have been many incredible tag teams in pro wrestling history. Outfitted as post-apocalyptic soldiers, the frightening Road Warriors brought carnage wherever they showed their painted faces. A pit bull named Arnold would walk out with the Steiner Brothers, representing their elemental power like a spirit animal, as they devasted the best in the industry.

While Ronda runs mostly solo in the ring, she’s made alliances here and there but never a solid team. As her Four Horsewomen rise through the ranks of NXT, that may all change. However, Ronda and her mom Dr. AnnMaria De Mars would be a lethal combination.

Just check them both out in action against MMA legend Bas Rutten back in 2011. Ok, they’re just demonstrating some moves on AXS TV (back when it was named HDNet) but imagine for a moment the worlds of judo, MMA and wrestling colliding inside the WWE ring. Can’t you just hear mom shrieking behind the ropes for Ronda to break some poor soul’s arm?

The look of dismissal on their opponents’ faces when Ronda tags in the 60-year old judoka that soon shifts into shock and pain would be a great sight to see: The tandem throws, the double submissions, the matching outfits. They could be the best female tag team on the planet.

This all just the talk of dreams, but the intensity of Ronda’s mom must not be overlooked whether she’s actually dishing out the damage or if she’s just on the sidelines shouting about it.

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