Video 1: Tying Your Belt

Rowdy Staff

All adventures have to start at the beginning. We know what lies ahead can be pretty intimidating, but have no fear, you’ll have a guide on this judo journey: “Rowdy” Ronda Rousey is in the house!

Your guide to judo techniques begins here. Ronda will make things easy for you since you’re just starting out, all you’ll need today is a belt like the one in the video. Don’t worry, Travis Browne is not required.

Here are the main things:

1. The left lapel goes over right.

Told you we’d make it easy at first. Just grab that judo gi flap and wrap yourself up nice and cozy. It’s like a hug to reassure you about starting a new thing. Now, place the belt around you.

2. Start in the middle of the belt.

You’re going to want to start in the middle of the belt. That way everything is right there for you and easy to see. Go around to the back and bring the belt in front.

Tying it behind your back is an advanced move but unnecessary to do because the knot belongs in front of you anyway. Cross your right side over, then slip the left side under and tuck it behind your belt.

3. Pull it tight.

Now that you’re almost there, you don’t want your belt to come off and have to start all over. The right side crosses over again but this time the left will go over the top. Pull hard and snap that belt securely.

4. Always tighten at the knot.

You did it! We’re so proud. Adjust the belt at the knot to make it just right, then reach up to the shoulder of your choosing and give yourself a pat on the back.

Head on over to the next lesson and learn how to tape your fingers!

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