Video 10: Traditional Kosoto Gaki

Rowdy Staff

In this judo tutorial, Ronda Rousey is dropping White Stripe references, yo. Osoto and kosoto judo throws are like brother and sister. It may help going back to have a look at that technique before beginning this one. They’re complementary!

Here are the main things:

1. Lead leg steps outside opponent’s lead leg.

With a firm basic grip secured by safely-taped fingers, anchor at the side of the opponent. Instead of the foot sweeping inside the leg (like in osoto), the foot attacks the outside of the leg.

2. Back leg does ‘ballerina step.’

Time for those steps again. Step forward with your lead leg on the ball of your foot. The back leg should step up to join the lead foot right behind the heel.

3. Drive opponent toward his back foot at 45-degrees.

Remember the ‘X’ in the last video and that every judo throw is off of 45-degree angles? Good. With the new ballerina steps, drive right into the opponent at an angle while tripping at the ankle of their leg.

4. Slide your lead foot across mat.

Don’t stomp, don’t even think about it. Slide that foot across the mat smooth as if slipping on a banana peel and fall to your side.

5. Make chest contact while driving with back leg.

Chest-on-chest contact helps drive the opponent back towards their angle and take them down like a complete boss.

6. Make sure foot doesn’t stick to mat!

Hey, look up at number six. Slide that foot to sweep the opponent’s leg. Sweep the leg, Johnny.

7. Point your toe!

Pointy toe. Pretty toes. Ballerina’s toes. Pretty judo kick-assy toes, but pointy.

8. Don’t look stupid! Turn into your opponent!

Don’t be stupid! Turn into your opponent to control them. Watch your Ronda Rousey videos or you’ll get countered. Honor your instructor, it’s the bushido way.

All these ballerina steps should have granted you some grace. Let’s advance to some foot techniques.

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