Video 64: Sode-Bounce-Sode

Rowdy Staff

With your fresh new collection of sode from basic to super-fancy-schmancy, it’s time to start combining your techniques with others. If your knees hold up, by the end of this section you’ll be combining sodes like an unsupervised kid at a drink fountain.

Here are the main things:

1. Opponent blocks first attempt.

Cut to you, all prepared to execute the awesome sode that you’ve just trained to the point of confidence and your opponent/uke blocks your attempt. Don’t panic, we’ve got them right where you want them.

2. Opponent relaxes after blocking your technique.

Remember before where Ronda taught you the “double tap” when breakings gi grips? This quick review will help you with the hardest part of this combination later. It may help to go back and check out that old clip as well.

3. That’s your cue to come in again.

Once you feel your opponent/uke relax, that will be your cue to jump in again, whether that be to get their grips off of you or to repeat the throw you just tried. Which is exactly what comes next!

4. A “double tap” attack catches opponent off-guard.

Take the same concept that Ronda just gave a CliffsNotes review of and apply it to your throw. They’ll never expect you to try the sode they just blocked, so do just that by bouncing out and bouncing back in for the follow-through.

5. Look down and to the left.

We always keep telling you this because it is just that important. Not only does this simple step just train your body to make the throw so much better, it saves you from injuring your own head or neck.

6. The bounce creates momentum, aiding second attack.

Whoa! Look at Ronda go! She almost burst through your screen. It was the momentum gained from the “double tap” bounce method that gave her second sode attempt so much power.

Let’s keep bouncing onward into another useful combination incorporating a different throw in the series.

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