Video 74: Juji From Guard

Rowdy Staff

Armbars come in all shapes and sizes and can come from any angle or approach. The most basic position that an armbar can occur in is from the jiu-jitsu guard. In judo though, it’s sometimes called the trunk hold. Either way, you got your opponent all wrapped up but they’re on top of you. Time to get that arm!

NOTE: First, get into a good closed guard position with your legs securely around the opponent’s/uke’s body. Make sure your hooks are crossed and you’re squeezing tight because the last thing you need is for the opponent to escape and end up in an advantageous position on top before you can even attempt an armbar.

Here are the main things:

1. Get one of opponent’s elbows across your belly.

Do whatever you gotta’ do: Just pull it, go for a deep back grip, pull the opponent over the top of you. There are a million, million ways but we have to isolate one of those arms to attack it.

2. Underhook far side arm.

Once you isolate an arm, get your underhook inside to really make the opponent realize that the arm is coming with you and that there isn’t anything they can do about it.

3. Pivot your body perpendicular.

Turn your body to the side of the arm that you’re attacking. You’re not only gaining precious and powerful leverage but creating the angle of attack. This is definitely something to practice. Literally just pivoting on your back and in guard over and over.

4. Push off the leg and swing it over opponent’s head.

Engage your legs. Swing them over your opponent’s head. You can either take them down completely on their back with this, or if you have the proper leverage you can even get the armbar right here with minimal effort.

5. Armbar finish with armpit underhook.

If you get them on their back and maintain your underhook, another way to finish them is to push up on top with your weight to break their grip and thin swing back with the arm. Just like the Cat Zingano fight.

Next, you’re going to learn what you need to do if an opponent tries to take you down to put their own moves on you. No way José, only we get to do moves!

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