Video 79: First Juji Drill

Rowdy Staff

This is the drill that ties everything together! No one is ever just going to lay down and let you armbar them, so you’ll have to be prepared for movement and resistance and for when the TABLES turn. So, check out the drill below. It may help if you set your workout to “Roll Out” by Ludacris.

Here are the main things:

1. Don’t pick a favorite side.

If you paid the least bit attention, you’ll know this is a common thing throughout the dojo. You can never interrupt a fight or a grappling session to tell your opponent (or uke) to switch sides to your good one, so just make every side your good side!

2.  Juji roll!

Grip your legs around your turtled opponent like you’re going to ride them like a rodeo bull. Fall over to your side while wrapping up the arm and make sure your shin lands nestled up against the back of their head. Reach up and grab the far heel to pull it across your face while picking up your leg that was behind their head off the ground, and voila, you’re in armbar city!

3. Sit up into side mount.

Instead of going torquing the arm right away, try to sit up into a side mount position with your leg still wrapped around your opponent. This is going to set yourself up to get into a precarious position so we can get out of it!  

4. Partner turns away, roll with it, and they squish you.

Your uke is going to turn away from your position and in true philosophical judo fashion, you’re going to use that energy to safely roll with it to escape. Only problem is, they are going to stop and squish your armbar attempt and not allow you to get back where you need to be.  

5. Go out the backdoor and repeat the process.

No biggie, rotate around towards the opponent’s feet and get out from under them. Go back to Step 2 and start the process all over again. Then after you do that for, let’s say 10 times, repeat it all over again on the other side!

That’s your first juji drill. Stay tuned for Ronda’s second juji drill, coming up! Until then, check out the stand-up defense.

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