Video 80: Second Juji Drill

Rowdy Staff

Ready for some more rolling? This is a movement drill that is going to help you maneuver around your opponent. At first, it may seem silly, but once this is etched in your muscle memory and that magnificent judo brain of yours, you’ll be pulling it out in the midst of scrambles and it will help a ton.

Here are the main things:

1. Hook in both ankles and Granby roll around partner.

Sit in front of your partner and hook both of your feet behind their ankles so that they hold right behind their Achilles. Now, you’re going to Granby roll over to the next leg. For those that didn’t wrestle in high school or learn it along the line somewhere, it’s just a little side roll on your shoulder upside down and you use it to transition to the side in this drill. 

2.  Wrap both feet around the first leg you roll too.

While you’re upside down in the midst of this Granby roll, you’ll grip both of your feet on the ankle that you’re closest to. This will help you stay balanced and attached to your partner and your opponent in the future.

3. Start back at the first step, but this time you’ll be behind the partner.

If you did it right, you’ll be in the exact same position you started the drill in, except you’ll be behind the partner instead of sitting down right in front of them. Roll to the next leg and then roll right back to the start and do it all over again until you’re dizzy! 

4. Use your hands on your partner, not on mat.

You can start out doing this drill by gripping onto the gi pants with your hand to help you along if you need to, but while doing the drill, you should work toward not using your hands at all to make the complete circle all the way around your partner.

That’s your second juji drill. Now you can find out what to do if you did some rolling and snagged an arm but the opponent is trying to stand up.

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