‘TABLES’: Behind the Scenes Featurette

Justin Golightly

Have you ever stood behind a table and felt the cold steel of its appendages as you puppeteered it as if it were a living, breathing threat? Do you know anyone who hiked with a table into the mountains to strategically set it up in a place that would be the most menacing? Well, we have.

You’ve probably seen the TABLES trailer, the extended Ronda Rousey cut, and maybe even our full gag reel. You’ve seen so much TABLES that there are splinters in your clicker finger. Now you can find out how those splinters were manufactured in our behind the scenes featurette.

See Ronda imagine a 300 ft tall kaiju table looming in the fog. Hear D-Von Dudley get spooked by actual fog. Watch Travis Browne pull off a wicked stunt on the first try like an action hero. But most of all, enjoy seeing a crew of hardworking and creative people have fun on a unique project.

While you’re here, take it to those evil wooden bastards and buy a TABLES t-shirt.

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