Extended ‘TABLES’: The Ronda Cut

Jason Nawara

TABLES took the unsuspecting world by storm with its special brand of particleboard-flavored violence, now executive producer and star Ronda Rousey is here to present her own extended cut.

This version of the TABLES trailer is bloodier, goofier, full of more curse words and Generation Z jokes. Specifically, the trailer is almost two minutes longer. Scenes are extended, changed or remixed, and the tone is definitely lighter. Kinda. Folding tables are pretty consistent in their weight.

Fans have bee clamoring for more TABLES, and now they get it. And this is just the next chapter in the TABLES saga. You’ve seen the deleted scenes and gag reel (just for Rowdy Ones), but on top of this extended edition, an entire behind-the-scenes will be making its way to your screens soon.

But let’s focus on this, the ridiculous and hilarious extended trailer that shows how Julia DeMars is a force of nature when she’s not getting at least three bars of cell signal.

Buy a TABLES t-shirt and help support these projects (and show your love of killing compressed wood).

And while you’re here, check out even more TABLES posters:

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