A Day in the Life at Browsey Acres

Justin Golightly

The anticipation of summer is at its peak as May comes to an end. Kids are fed, kissed, and driven to school in the rush of the morning. But before all that, Travis was up for hours getting his workout in and taking care of the animals that call Browsey Acres home.

Ronda prepped a delicious breakfast with eggs that Trav picked up when the farm was still blue in half-darkness. These are the only eggs they eat now. Other eggs just don’t taste the same. After sharing a meal together, there are a hundred things on the to-do list before it’s back to Browsey Acres.

“That’s all we’re trying to do, is just make sure the animals here have a good life so that whether we eat them, or their eggs, or put them to work, that they want to be here,” Travis said. “They want to work. They want to do everything they can do because they’re happy. They love it here.”

This level of sustainability doesn’t come without a price. It’s nearly time to harvest Kobe, their Japanese Wagyu steer. He’s lived on the farm, drinking beer, roaming free, and being loved. The goats play with him. He nudges Ronda and Travis to pet him like a dog. Kobe isn’t just meat, he’s family.

“That’s why we love and respect him so much. He’s literally dying to feed our kids. How can we not love this guy?” Ronda said. “That’s why I’d rather cry and feel bad instead of turning a blind eye and letting him suffer somewhere in a factory farm.”

It’s an emotional sacrifice and a heavy moral decision, but one that they believe is a small step toward living as sustainably and ethically as possible. Kobe will live a life of joy until his last moments and for Ronda and Travis, one that’s worth all the tears they’ll shed.

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