WATCH: Ronda Rousey Gets Her Stitches Out

LaToya Ferguson

In case you missed it—and how could you, honestly—Ronda Rousey suffered a finger injury while filming a scene on the set of FOX drama 9-1-1. And not just any finger injury: Her finger kind of came off of her finger. Naturally, she handled it like a badass, going back to film the next day (after surgery).

Ronda gave an up-close and personal video update pretty soon after the injury occurred, and now in this newest exclusive video, it’s time to get up close and personal again. This time, in the form of stitch removal. (It’s not as gnarly as the original video, I promise.)

Ouch. On the plus side: The combination of the natural speed at which fingers heal and Ronda Rousey being a fast healer* have really helped speed things up when it comes to this whole (surreal) injury.

*At this time, we can neither confirm nor deny the presence of Adamantium in Ronda’s system.

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