Ronda Celebrates 15 Years of WoW With an Unboxing and a Commercial Gone Rowdy

Rowdy Staff

Ronda Rousey loves World of Warcraft. Specifically, she loves Night Elves. Yes, Ronda exclusively plays Alliance, which finally proves that Ronda is not perfect, but this author should probably end this sentence before they get arm barred while screaming “for the Horde!”

This is when Ronda (or Travis) would come in with a “typing one-handed” joke. But we digress.

World of Warcraft’s 15th anniversary is upon us, making gamers everywhere feel especially old as they go back to the original Azeroth as we knew it in those heady days of 2004. Thrall is the Horde’s Warchief, Anduin Wrynn is just a boy (and his father is still missing) and the cataclysm has not happened. Hell, the portal to Outland isn’t even open.

This is truly a special time. It’s deserving of song. So Blizzard put together a fun celebration for the denizens of Durotar and the Eastern Kingdoms to enjoy. And things get a little Rowdy.

Now Ronda’s here to take you behind-the-scenes of the WoW commercial, as well as unbox her 15th-anniversary collector’s edition. Her staff is jealous. Very jealous. If only we employed a rogue to snatch that Ragnaros statue up.


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