Ronda Makes Charlotte Scream “I Quit” to Win the SmackDown Women’s Title at WrestleMania Backlash

Rowdy Staff

*UPDATE* Charlotte Flair is officially injured:

Going into the Dunkin Donuts Center in Providence, Rhode Island, it seemed like a foregone conclusion that Ronda Rousey would make Charlotte Flair say “I Quit” at WrestleMania Backlash. Ronda has never met a woman she couldn’t inflict hurt on to the point of verbal submission, and Charlotte has put Ronda, her friends, her family, and frankly even people barely in Ronda’s orbit (poor Drew Gulak) through hell.

We “Rowdy Ones” fully expected Ronda to make Charlotte say—or scream—”I Quit” and possibly do it very quickly. But then again, has anyone given Ronda the battles Charlotte has in WWE? Would this be a quick match? Ronda certainly looked pleased to be there as she skipped out down the ramp to “Bad Reputation.”

But things weren’t fun and games. We just saw one of the most brutal matches of Ronda Rousey’s career. Things between Ronda and Charlotte have been bad for years, but what happened here was new. It kind of scared us, and we are not going to sleep soundly tonight knowing Ronda won. Charlotte is very, very hurt.

Let’s take a look at some of the brutal highlights:

Then… the kendo sticks came out. These sticks in the hands of Charlotte have haunted Ronda since November 2018, when she brutalized Ronda at Survivor Series. But Ronda finally got her hands on… a couple:

Ronda’s poses were totally awesome:

It makes sense that the ring couldn’t contain these women—they spent nearly an hour inside of it (and the surrounding area). And after both women traded their usual blows to warm up the match, it quickly went to the outside and then spilled into the crowd.

This was getting insane. After the mic picked up a bunch of creative ways to not say “I Quit” (such as, “You chop like a bitch!” from Ronda and “Hell no!” from Charlotte), it started to look like a horror movie. Speaking of movies, Ronda even grabbed a camera and chucked it at Charlotte. There’s an easy $20,000 bill.

After they destroyed half of Rhode Island, somehow they made it back towards the ring. Chairs were getting involved now. More than they ever have in a Ronda/Charlotte match, and Ronda took a powerbomb onto the outside railing. This was truly the culmination of years of hatred. Years of a feud that had to turn into a display of innovative violence.

We thought Charlotte was going to say the magical words when Ronda had an armbar locked in through the ropes, but both ladies tumbled to the mats outside and laid there, crumpled and broken. They were covered in dirt, welts, and bruises. They’ve looked like they’ve gone through battles before, but this match looked like a war. We thought it was over when Charlotte hit this:

Ronda barely eeked out a “no” when asked if she would quit, and then Charlotte put her in the Figure Eight. Ronda has had seven knee surgeries and this was LOCKED IN. Ronda was asked if she quit and responded with a very Ronda “Never, bitch”… and then a chair came into play. Charlotte unfolded it, told her it was her last chance and “Happy Mother’s Day,” but Ronda grabbed Charlotte, dragged her arm through the chair, and then BROKE FLAIR’S LEG. FLAIR SAYS “I QUIT!” NEW SMACKDOWN WOMEN’S CHAMPION!

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