Ronda’s Black and Blue Thanksgiving Q&A Is Here

Jason Nawara

It’s Thanksgiving in the U.S., and Ronda is celebrating at Browsey Acres which is one step closer to being complete. Ah, a new kitchen just in time for cooking up turkeys.

Speaking of turkeys, Leg and Wing, Ronda’s turkeys you may have seen previously in some videos from around the ranch, have been butchered and shall be eaten. It was a surprisingly emotional event, but Ronda is happy that they lived good lives.

Without further ado, here’s Ronda’s Thanksgiving Q&As, discussing Turkey Day, Charlotte Flair’s psychotic beating that left a ridiculous amount of welts and bruises at Survivor Series, and more… 

Unfortunately for Browsey Acres denizens, ranch life can be hard, and a Rio the goat was killed by coyotes. Ronda discusses this and so much more in part 2 of the Q&A. Man, a beating from Flair then having your goat killed? 

It shows that Ronda lives a lot of lives. WWE Superstar, ranch hand, mother, cook, wife, actress, and a million other things. 

It’s a tough time right now, but that’s why we should be thankful. Thankful for friends, family and those that will support us even if they won’t be at the dinner table, eating Leg and Wing. Delicious.