Another Contract Signing Ends In Complete Chaos But The “I Quit” Match Is Official

Jason Nawara

After a well-deserved week off from SmackDown, generously granted by Vince McMahon—as revealed by Ronda Rousey herself on “The Baddest Stream on the Planet“—Ronda is back in a WWE ring, ready to make her “I Quit” match with Charlotte Flair official. And by “official,” you know how WWE likes to do it: A table was brought out, a couple of comfy chairs, paperwork (brought in by Drew Gulak), the whole nine yards. We even got a look at Drew Gulak’s ill-fated interview with Charlotte Flair… that ended in Gulak getting a beatdown.

But, of course, when Ronda and Charlotte are involved, total and complete chaos follows.

Serious question: Has Ronda ever been part of a signing that didn’t end in utter disarray? To be fair, this was a new spin on Ronda’s typical contract-signing melees. Flair snuck a kendo stick under the table and got a few smacks in on Ronda. But finally, Ronda turned the kendo stick tables:

After Gulak got slammed, Ronda easily put him in an armbar, took the contract, signed it—while still applying the armbar—made Gulak say “I Quit”, then tossed the contract aside. Satisfied.

So now we have yet another week of shenanigans from Flair. Some may find this annoying, but Rowdy Ones are zen. We know it’s only a matter of time until WrestleMania Backlash. This ends there.

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