Ronda on the Road: A Calm Adventure With Pō Before the WrestleMania Storm

Rowdy Staff

This second season of Ronda on the Road is so different than the original. It’s incredible what a difference just a few years makes. What seemed like a never-ending road trip with a bunch of Superstars has now morphed into a fun mother-daughter adventure. It’s a shocking juxtaposition to what’s happening on screen, especially the week of the March 25th SmackDown in Brooklyn, when Charlotte Flair was meant to pay for busting open Ronda the previous week.

Instead, what we got was Charlotte avoiding Ronda once again with her little shenanigans. We’ve covered them extensively here on, so we don’t need to go into it. Still, knowing that Ronda is searching for her dastardly and very annoying enemy while constantly entertaining Pō really puts Ronda’s performances in perspective.

She’s out there to kick ass, go home and be with her baby. It’s as simple as that.

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