Ronda on the Road: Ronda Is Sick and Tired

Jason Nawara

This week, Ronda on the Road takes us back to the March 18th edition of SmackDown, weeks before WrestleMania. At the time, we knew that Charlotte Flair was a no-good dirty, rotten, cheating wrestler. Just not how big of a no-good dirty, rotten, cheating wrestler she is. That’s the gift of Ronda on the Road: Some interesting context is provided by our behind-the-scenes cameras.

Originally, this show was all about Charlotte. Literally. She talked about how she was the best and blah blah blah. We’ve heard it all. So naturally, Ronda came out and the two of them battled on the outside of the ring. But then Ronda, with a bloody and cut mouth, was put through the announce table.

What Ronda on the Road shows us is that Ronda had a terrible head cold and she just really wanted to take a beating so she could go back home, rest, and be with her family. We’ve come to learn that this is very Ronda: Just pull off the Band-Aid, put her through a table, and get it done.

What most of the world doesn’t know is that during Ronda and Charlotte’s melee, Ronda took a kendo stick to the face and it decimated that little piece of skin that connects your lip to your teeth just below your nose. It’s called the “frenulum”:

Yes, Ronda had a head cold, hurt nose, and face busted open all on the same night. Most people don’t have to go to work sick and have that happen. Most people don’t even know what the frenulum is!

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