Ronda on the Road: Ronda and Her Butt Are Ready For WrestleMania 38

Justin Golightly

Oh yeah, nothing gets the blood going like watching old clips of the Macho Man on YouTube. In the latest episode of Ronda on the Road, Ronda kicked things off by introducing Pō to the unmistakable gruff and energy of Randy Savage. She was so excited that they had to read a book about taking care of a grandpa to calm down.

You’d think with WrestleMania coming up, anyone would be a nervous wreck. Instead, Ronda is way calmer than any other event in all the other sports she’s competed in. She actually seems more concerned about how her booty looks in her new “Hot Mama” lightning outfit, but Shayna Baszler and the crew convince her it still looks great.

It’s no surprise that Charlotte Flair once again tries to mess up everything. The Queen of Wrestling? More like the Queen of ruining the vibe. Even with her interfering, Ronda was able to tap out Sonya Deville on SmackDown and keep the morale high going into the big day.

WrestleMania 38 goes down this weekend and this time Ronda will finally be able to get her revenge on Charlotte Flair one-on-one. Yeah, it probably won’t be that easy, but she’s prepared for anything. And new!

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