Natalya Neidhart Slaps the Sharpshooter on Ronda in True Backstabbing Fashion

Rowdy Staff

Sure, Natalya won the Six-Pack Challenge for number one contendership and she was about to get an earful from Ronda Rousey on Friday Night SmackDown. Yes, after Ronda walked out and grabbed the mic, Natalya was gonna get an even worse verbal beatdown than, “The armbar my mom perfected and I made famous is better than the weak imitation of the Sharpshooter she stole from her uncle Bret.” (OUCH…)

But like usual, Ronda can’t get a full promo on the mic without getting interrupted, and this time it was Shotzi who came out full of bluster talking crap and asking for a title shot. (Ronda still has that open challenge going.) Or, as Ronda so eloquently put it, a “Title Shotzki.”

She got it. And it was a hell of a match. Things actually looked a little dire for a bit there when Ronda took a stiff tornado DDT to the floor outside the ring.

But she was eventually able to power up, and use the Baddest Slam. (We named that on “The Baddest Stream on the Planet,” “Rowdy Ones!”)

And eventually, Ronda would get the win:

But then, as it always is with Ronda since coming back, she can’t even enjoy a solid win over Shotzi when Natalya runs in and nails her with some forearms to the back of the head… then puts her in the Sharpshooter Ronda was dissing earlier in the show. This breaks our heart, these two old friends fighting like this. WE HATE IT!

Ronda has an open challenge and Natalya to deal with? Charlotte Flair being annoying week after week seemed simpler to deal with.

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