Ronda Reveals Her Spicy Strategy Behind the Scenes of ‘Hot Ones’

Rowdy Staff

Rowdy Ones, by now, you’ve surely seen Ronda Rousey’s bone-breaking appearance on Hot Ones. (Don’t worryit was just chicken bones. This time, at least.) With the help of the wonder condiment known as blue cheese, Ronda was able to handle the heat like the seasoned pro we all know her to be.

But if you really want to talk seasoned pros, you’ve also got to talk about Ronda’s No DNB Productions crew. Naturally, they chronicled Ronda’s Hot Ones experience, so now you can go behind-the-scenes and see what the Hot Ones cameras missed out on. You know, things like Ronda’s “internal burning,” contributor Julia De Mars’ “anguish,” and all that fun spicy poultry-related stuff.

Check it out:

Most importantly, Ronda laid out what seemed to be a successful Hot Ones strategy, which is honestly just valuable information for your everyday life. But also: Hey, Gordon Ramsay! Your lemon juice technique really didn’t work to stop the burning. Come on, man.

And you know what? While you’re at it, why not step inside Ronda’s Kitchen for some delicious championship wings? What, too hot for you? Luckily, there are plenty of other Ronda’s Kitchen episodes for you to choose from…

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