WATCH NOW: Ronda Rousey Celebrates 1 Million YouTube Subscribers!

Rowdy Staff
♫Believe it or not, she's walking on air♫
Believe it or not, she’s walking on air

Stop what you are doing right now and pay attention: Ronda Rousey’s official YouTube channel has finally reached ONE MILLION SUBSCRIBERS!

*insert DJ airhorn sound here*


That’s right. They said it couldn’t be done. (Well, okay… I don’t know that they said that exactly. But I’m sure there were skeptics. Just trust me.) They said that reaching one million subscribers was simply too lofty of a goal. (Again, just trust me.) They said there was no possible way that Ronda Rousey could travel through time to communicate with her younger self.

Well, as you’ll see from the celebratory video below: They. were. wrong. Especially when it came to the time travel part. Amateurs.

Yes, in honor of hitting the one million YouTube subscribers mark, Ronda and her beloved Travis Browne took a nice stroll down memory lane, going back through some of the rowdy highlights of Ronda’s YouTube channel. Some of these highlights, you may remember like it was yesterday. Some, you might think were solely created for this video… which is just crazy. The time travel thing totally happened. Time travel is, in fact, possible once you reach true No DNB status.

From Joan Jett to TABLES to GOAT Walks to murder mysteries to Ronda’s feet and everything in between (like Ronda’s sax life), this is a true celebration from Ronda, Travis, and everyone here at Thank you, Rowdy Ones. Here’s to one million more subscriptions and to even more rowdy adventures.


To take your own personal stroll down Ronda Rousey memory lane, you can find all of her YouTube adventures here at You can also, of course, subscribe to the official Ronda Rousey YouTube channel. Stay rowdy, y’all!

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