Step Inside ‘Ronda’s Kitchen (Holiday Edition)’ | ‘Ronda Makes Her Family’s Christmas Biscuits’

Rowdy Staff

As you may already know, Ronda Rousey has a wide range of talents. One such talent? Cooking!

Mochi, not quite sure about this whole “cooking” thing…
Mochi, not quite sure about this whole “cooking” thing…

Alright, she’s not exactly a master chef—yet—but she’s got some skills in the kitchen. And she’s got some recipes she knows how to handle. For example, her mother’s Christmas biscuits. (Not a euphemism, you little weirdos.)

That’s right, in this episode of Ronda’s Kitchen, Ronda puts her holiday twist on her mom’s simple dessert biscuit recipe. As Ronda explains in the video (which you can watch below), she’s taken her mom’s classic cinnamon-raisin biscuit recipe and remixed it for both the Christmas season and the Browne family’s Hawaiian flavor (with cranberries and Hawaiian sweet rolls).

These delicious Christmas Biscuits (that’s the official Browsey Acres title of these homemade treats) are sweet, flakey, and gooey in the middle just how Trav likes them. And they’re simple to make!

Take a look:

Mmm, biscuits. Happy holidays, Rowdy Ones! And enjoy!

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