Step Inside ‘Ronda’s Kitchen’ | ‘How to Feed and Dry Homemade Yeast’

Rowdy Staff

As you may already know, Ronda Rousey has a wide range of talents. One such talent? Cooking!

Alright, she’s not exactly a master chef—yet—but she’s got some skills in the kitchen. And she’s got some recipes she knows how to handle.

So, in this episode of Ronda’s Kitchen, Ronda wants to help you continue on your journey of sourdough-ness. Remember Ronda’s sourdough pancake recipe? Mmm. Or how about when she gave us a tutorial in making sourdough bread, in general? Ah, memories. As you may have realized in your aforementioned sourdough journey, as you feed your sourdough starter, you end up with more starter each time. If you want to get rid of the extra starter (or “discard”), you can make waste of it or you can put it to good use. Ronda’s here in her kitchen to show you how to do the latter.

Take a look:

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