‘What Did I Get Myself?’ #3 | Ronda Rousey Unboxes Trunks’ Jacket From ‘Dragon Ball Z’

LaToya Ferguson
Ronda Rousey, 'What Did I Get Myself?' #3

As you should know by now, Ronda Rousey is a woman of many skills. And not just skills of the ass-kicking variety. For example, Past Ronda loves to order things online, “one-click purchase”-style, for Future Ronda to receive. Yes, Ronda Rousey is a master of treating herself, from the past to the future with a present. And that’s where What Did I Get Myself? comes in.

That’s right, Ronda Rousey’s officially (on her official YouTube channel) in the unboxing game! And in this episode of What Did I Get Myself?, she’s got reading on her mind (we’re talking books, y’all), an idea for a future cocktail, and, of course, no real memory of when and why she purchased a number of these items.

So, check out the video above and please: Don’t forget to subscribe to Ronda’s channel.

Oh, and most importantly, this episode has an Etsy purchase that really gets Ronda amped. (Psst. It’s Future Trunks’ jacket from Dragon Ball Z. As mentioned in the title.)

"Duh." - not Ronda Rousey's actual words, but we'll pretend they were for this "reveal" of Future Trunks' jacket
“Duh.” – not Ronda Rousey’s actual words, but we’ll pretend they were for this “reveal” of Future Trunks’ jacket

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