Ronda Rousey and Kevin Hart Share and Shiver on Cold As Balls

Justin Golightly
ronda rousey kevin hart cold as ballls

Peanut butter and jelly. Whip cream flopped on top of a pie slice. Washing pizza down with a frosty beer. There are many awesome combinations, mostly food-related, but we may have just seen the most legendary link up of all-time: Ronda Rousey and Kevin Hart. 

He has a show called Cold as Balls where his guests show up and have a conversation while submerged in an ice bath. Ronda appeared on the latest episode for a much-needed soak to compare knuckle and ankle cracks. You know, just total athlete stuff.  

Cold as Balls was an absolute blast. Kevin Hart is even more hilarious in person,” Ronda said. “The one thing that surprised me was how in-depth the interview was. Kevin asked me really insightful questions and found the humor in the subject like some kind of joke ninja.” 

The two talked about everything from different swimming strokes, Ronda’s speaking disorder, and how she’s still pissed off at the referee from her first Olympics. Hart even tried to get his daughter enrolled in the unofficial Browsey Acres wrestling school.

“I was beyond impressed with his talent, professionalism, and complete lack of bullsh-t,” she said. “We also discovered some strange parallels in our lives like putting a one-year time limit on ourselves to reach success. It was a wonderful experience and I hope I get another chance to be on because not only do I love spending time with Kevin, but I also need another ice bath!” ”  

What’s crazy is that during shivering share time, Ronda revealed if the fighting thing never worked out, she was going to become a rescue swimmer for the Coast Guard. Now, that’s one awesome episode of Baywatch. The Hart and Rowdy connection wrapped up with them cutting wrestling promos on each other and Ronda totally went Super Saiyan. 

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