Take a Morning Stroll for a Browsey Acres Breakfast with Ronda

Justin Golightly
Ronda Rousey farm browsey acres

The sun rose on red clay. Roosters told everyone to wake up. Goats patiently waited to chew on celery sticks and planned the inanimate objects they’ll attempt to destroy and taste throughout the day. All the while, Travis was giggling about an egg prank he’d pull on Ronda.

You just have to laugh sometimes. Most of the days on Browsey Acres are like a Disney movie. Then there are those occasions where it’s like Watership Down. Belina the chicken, her short life deep with an intriguing backstory, accidentally drowned the other day. Detective Ronda found no evidence of foul play, other than Belina being a fowl herself.

Speaking of Detective Ronda, after making sure all the critter’s bellies were full, she went to gather delicious eggs for breakfast. They haven’t been getting a lot of eggs lately from the hens, but now there was almost an unbelievably large amount sitting in the coop. It was too good to be true. She immediately called out Trav’s scheme.  

“These here are duck eggs. The consistency of the egg is smoother. They’re a little bit bigger,” Ronda said. “The texture is different. The shell is thicker. And it’s just a little more opaque. Is that the right word? We eat ’em. Were gonna’ have some right now. They’re my favorite.”

Let this be a lesson to anyone who tried to get one over on Ronda. Luckily, there are no consequences. There are, however, consequences for the bullying turkeys. Leg and Wing already took one for the team on Thanksgiving. It looks like a few more are up at the (dinner) plate. 

It’s the circle of life all laid out on this patch of dirt. Adorable little chicks were being warmed under orange lights to eventually grow big enough to go outside, while the turkeys are big (and bitchy enough) to be brought inside under a completely different kind of light. 

Read all about another prank at the hands of a “sick” duck on Browsey Acres.

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