Happy Halloween From Browsey Acres

Julia De Mars

Hello and Happy Halloween, Rowdy Ones! In case you haven’t already seen me dressed up as a zombie and running around Browsey Acres attempting to scare the animals, you can see it all right here:

As you can probably tell, the animals were actually pretty indifferent about the whole thing. While Cameraman Jason tried his best to prevent the goats from snatching my new wig, I tried my best to deliver a believable zombie-turned-farmhand. Just want to note that I also did my own makeup and helped edit this video, so I hope you like the creepy ambiance. I know my zombie snarl is more of a gremlin chirp, but I tried.

If you take one thing away from this video, I hope it’s that we should find the joy in our labor rather than letting it turn us into zombies. Oh, and also: Happy Halloween! Enjoy these spooOOooky vibes and don’t forget to dress up all your farm animals today!

If you are interested in having a few more laughs, check out the Road on the Road… Trip series over on the official Ronda Rousey YouTube channel. Starring myself and my sister, Ronda Rousey, this series follows us as we drove cross country for her new puppy. You can also head on over to my road trip diary entries to get all the dirty deets about this trip.

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