Watch Ronda Rousey’s First Chicks Hatch on Browsey Acres

Justin Golightly
Ronda Rousey holding baby chick

New life has finally been born on Browsey Acres. No, Ronda and Travis haven’t accomplished Operation Impregnation Vacation yet, but their first ever chicks burst from their shells right here on the ranch.

Cute balls of pure pecking joy can now call the farm their home. This wasn’t just a fun home project though, this was a necessary step in the future of everything that they’ve been building together for years now.

Some wicked avian super pathogen has been going around and it halted all efforts to grow the farm’s chicken population. By isolating the babies and incubating them on the trusty home bar, they were able to help the new chicks survive. No word yet on if Ronda named any of them Jack or Jose Cuervo.

Not only did Browsey Acres avoid a cruel hand dealt by fate, but took a major leap towards complete sustainability. Now there’s puffy yellow proof that Ronda’s sanctuary can grow and prosper for generations.

Check out the time when one of Ronda’s chickens were sick in a completely different way right here.

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