Browsey Acres: Ronda Rousey Nurses a Chicken Back to Health

Rowdy Staff

Oh, Rowdy Ones. You know how much Ronda Rousey loves to take care of her and Travis Browne’s animals over at Browsey Acres. That’s right: Every day is a new adventure, and every new adventure is just another day.

So of course it’s just another day at Browsey Acres when Ronda notices that one of her chickens, Fearow, has an eye injury and takes immediate action to help nurse her back to health. It’s kind of difficult with the literal pecking order at play, but Ronda does her best to protect Fearow during this tough time.

Ronda also gives an update on the other chicks that have hatched—and aviary politics—over at Browsey Acres.

Check it out:

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