Browsey Acres: Ronda Rousey Washes Her Chicken Eggs

Rowdy Staff
Ronda Rousey and the Mystery of the Flat Egg

It’s no secret Ronda Rousey only eats eggs plopped out directly from her farm, but it’s also no secret where those eggs come from. No, we’re not talking about Browsey Acres, we’re talking about… Well, let’s just say Ronda needs to clean eggs today.

So, if you’re finally cool enough to have your own eggs, turn on the warm water, grab your designated egg-cleaning sponge, and enjoy this little “somethin’ something'” on washing eggs, Rowdy Ones. Check it out:

And don’t forget, Rowdy Ones:

DISCLAIMER: Ronda is Not an Egg Cleaning Expert. Do your research and make sure you look up how to properly clean eggs, Rowdy Ones.
Do your research before you clean your eggs.

Also, don’t forget:

Rowdy Ones, you can stay updated on all things Browsey Acres here at and on Ronda’s official YouTube channel.

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