Browsey Acres: Meet Ronda Rousey’s Sweet Ass Milly

LaToya Ferguson
Ronda giving Milly all the oranges
Ronda giving Milly all the oranges

You know what? Porter can’t get all the attention.

Browsey Acres is, of course, home to an adorable cast of animal characters. But now it’s Milly’s turn to get that sweet, sweet YouTube (don’t forget to subscribe) spotlight.

According to Ronda, Milly is Browsey Acres’ “livestock guardian,” protecting all the goats from predators. She’s a big, beautiful donkey who loves eating oranges, as you can clearly see from the photo above. Know what else she loves? Getting pets, hugs, and kisses from Ronda and Trav.

Take a look at the stoic but affectionate Milly:

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