Browsey Acres: Meet Porter, Ronda and Travis’ New Steer

LaToya Ferguson
Porter getting pets from Momma Ronda
Porter getting pets from Momma Ronda

Say hello to the newest addition to the Browsey Acres family. Meet Porter!

Porter is a Kobe beef steer who is a sweetheart, enjoys soccer, and loves to roll around in his own poop! Travis is here to tell you all about this big boy. (For reference, Porter weighs about 600 or 700 lbs… and he could make it to 1,100 lbs in the future. Right now, he’s just a one and half-year-old baby boy.)

Take a look:

Travis also explains why he hasn’t gotten as attached to Porter as he did Kobe. But don’t worry: Travis still takes very good care of this big boy.

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