Browsey Acres: Ronda Rousey Walks and Talks With Her Donkey Milly

LaToya Ferguson

Rowdy Ones, it is finally time to return to Browsey Acres for some one-on-one time between Ronda Rousey and her ’80s music-loving donkey Milly. (Seriously: Much like Michael Ian Black and Hal Sparks, Milly loves the ’80s.) A walk and talk between Ronda and ol’ Milly girl? What is this, an Aaron Sorkin show? Well, honestly… You gotta watch to find out.

So go right ahead and check out Milly’s “farthest walk ever” below:

Alright, maybe it’s not quite Sorkinesque, but hey, Ronda is getting the “stubborn as a mule” Milly into fighting shape, and that is exciting. (And definitely better than The Newsroom, let’s just be honest here.)

Ronda helping Milly lose weight and get into the right shape to have a baby is just another day at Browsey Acres. And just like Ronda told Milly, “One day at a time, girl!” That’s the motto, Rowdy Ones. Stay safe.

Like I said: Milly loves the ’80s. Go back in time to learn more about that very specific interest of Milly the Donkey, and don’t forget to check out all the Browsey Acres content here on

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