Browsey Acres | The Roadie Saga Part 1

Justin Golightly

If you have to turn the channel every time Sarah McLachlan sings “Angel” on that sad dog commercial, then you’ll understand what Ronda had to do. When she saw that little salt and pepper pupper wandering the streets alone, she had to scoop him up and take him into the sanctuary of Browsey Acres.

“We were driving and we saw this little guy running around on the road,” Travis said. ” We’re going to take him on the road trip to get the goats. Little road dog. We’ll call him Roadie.”

After a well-needed bath and a towel robe wrap, the journey began. It was a trip with the kids to get some kids. (Baby goats are also called kids. The more you know.) Roadie twitched, crunched kibble and snuggled the whole way to and from picking up the new goats Ibex and Kudu.

As much as Ronda (and everyone else) wanted to keep their new little road dog, she knew they had to try and find his original owners. So once they got back, detective Ronda got on the case. She took him to the vet and they found a chip.

“He does have a chip, but it’s not registered to anyone. I have a whole bunch of numbers to call and we’ll see if we can find his home because someone loved him enough to chip him,” she said. “We’re trying. We’re trying, Roadie. Poor little dude. He just wants to find his family.”

There is that music again. This cute little guy is breaking everyone’s heart. Have no fear, Roadie. Detective Ronda is going to find your home or give you one herself. Mochi and Chunk already said it was cool.

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