Check It Out: Ronda Rousey Cosplays as Horizon Zero Dawn’s Aloy (Hair Tutorial)

Rowdy Staff
Gamer Ronda Rousey as Aloy from Horizon Zero Dawn
Gamer Ronda Rousey as Aloy from Horizon Zero Dawn

Do not worry: Social distancing is still in effect at Browsey Acres.

But back in March—on International Women’s Day—Ronda Rousey had her hairstylist and buddy Abe Esparza braid her hair like Horizon Zero Dawn’s Aloy. You probably even saw a little bit of that on Ronda’s Facebook Gaming stream, aka “The Baddest Stream on the Planet.”

Don’t forget to check out the replay of Ronda’s International Women’s Day Facebook Gaming Stream on her official YouTube channel.

With all the excitement surrounding the Horizon Zero Dawn sequel Forbidden West, now is the perfect time to learn how to make these badass braids! So take a look at Abe’s hair tutorial below (and enjoy the finished product):

Can’t get enough of Ronda and Abe? Then why not go back and watch some episodes of Ronda on the Road? Or how about A Browsey Acres Murder Mystery?

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