Feel Ronda Rousey Defeat Frustration When She Finally Mounted WoW’s Vitreous Stone Drake

Justin Golightly
ronda rousey world of warcraft

Seven is a lucky number for many people. Ronda Rousey may not outright claim seven as a lucky number for herself, but it seems like it may be that way. Rousey was born in 1987, won gold at the 2007 Pan American Games, and finally got the Vitreous Stone Drake in World of Warcraft on July 7, 2017.

Whether you’ve spent countless hours on raids or even if you have never thought about playing WoW, it’s easy to understand how being able to ride a cobalt dragon encrusted with boulders and crystals is absolutely awesome. Aside from the mount being totally cool, it’s also an impressive feat to accomplish.

“I do this for like, 200 times, I swear to God. I did this dungeon 200 times and killed the same dragon 200 times,” Ronda said. 

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The whole scenario is a zen-like patience tester. After finding and killing the Vitreous Stone Drake, most of the time it just dies. On rare occasions, Drake’s reins will drop and players can mount and ride the beast.

If you’re a math person, the reins of the Stone Drake only have a .6-percent chance of dropping. Just around 20-percent of World of Warcraft profiles have ridden the dragon, “Rowdy” Ronda’s Night Elf Hunter Lunya is included as one of those lucky few.

“So, Travis [Browne] is doing it with me and the third time, maybe second time he does this – poof – drops the Vitreous Stone Drake for him,” she said. “I was super excited that I got it but then I was super pissed he got it in the second try. But then again, he didn’t really get all of the joy out of doing it the way I did because I worked for it so long.”

Vitreous Stone Drake
Ronda Rousey finally got her rare World of Warcraft mount
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