Ronda Rousey Talks About Finding Sustainable Solitude at Browsey Acres

Justin Golightly
Ronda Rousey Browsey Acres sunflower

Every great warrior needs a place of respite. The samurai had their gardens, John Wick had the Continental Hotel, Ronda Rousey has Browsey Acres. 
Beyond the flashbulbs and bodyslams, her rural paradise is tucked away in Riverside, California. People may think Ronda is some sort of city slicker, but she’s had dirt under her nails since she was a kid. 

“A lot of people don’t know I was born in California, but from 3-9 we were in North Dakota,” she said. “A lot of my early memories were being able to run around and go into the back and pick raspberries. I always kind of wanted to be able to give my kids that off-the-grid living experience.”

Ronda Rousey Browsey Acres Travis Browne

Life is much simpler on the ranch. There’s no danger of another wrestler stabbing Ronda in the back, although a wandering goat horn may poke her butt every once and awhile. It’s not all about watching the soap operas of chickens unfold and pampering her Wagyu steer though, it’s about building a completely sustainable home. 
“It’s something that I’ve always craved and wanted to go back to,” she said. “It’s awesome living in the city when you’re young, but as I’m settling down I feel that pull to go back to nature. To live off the land and be able to teach my kids the things my parents taught me.”

Ronda devotes her time to the flora and fauna of Browsey Acres and in return, she’s rewarded with solitude, mutual love, eye booger rubs, and a more independent existence.

Ronda Rousey Browsey Acres donky

The land is already home to 30 animals, all with their own little personalities and lives, but so much more is coming. The more work that’s done on the ranch equals a smaller need from the outside world. To Ronda, getting bigger also means taking up less space and that’s zen AF.

“We’re on the waiting list for Tesla tiles, we’re going to get a water catching system as soon as we’re done with the roof, it’s just baby steps at a time,” she said. “Instead of using the money we make to get more and more things, we like to invest our money into needing less. I like to invest in our self-sufficiency.” 

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