Ronda Bites the Ear Off One Broke Girl on ‘Drunk History’

Justin Golightly
Ronda Rousey Drunk History Comedy Central

Drunk History is a show on Comedy Central where comedians and notable celebs get sloshed and try to tell a story that really happened. To help bring even more color to the altered version of events, actors appear in a dramatization of their tipsy tail.

So it made total sense that Ronda would appear in the show to play a 19th-century bouncer that police at the time described as “the most savage female they’d ever encountered.” Gallus Mag didn’t give a damn about her reputation. Caring about that pretty much goes out the door when you start keeping ears in jars. 

Yeah, that’s right. While Ronda could display her belts in a classy glass case, Mag pickled hers. She’d tug on rowdy bar patrons ears to lead them out. If they fought back, she’d rip them off and plop the ears in brine. I’m assuming right near those weird preserved alien eggs.

An infamous head-butting pirate named Sadie the Goat found out first hand the wrath of Mag after an encounter that this episode describes. Don’t worry though, her and Sadie—as well as actress Kat Dennings—became friends. 

Who knew that Ronda would later have a bunch of goat friends in real life as well? On the next road trip to pick up more kids for Browsey Acres, I vote that we name at least one new goat Sadie.

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