Ronda Rousey Partners With Mizuno

Rowdy Staff
Ronda Rousey for Mizuno (source: PRNewsfoto/Mizuno)
Ronda Rousey for Mizuno (source: PRNewsfoto/Mizuno)

“Ronda is one of the biggest female athletes of all-time – constantly pushing the envelope and motivating young athletes to strive beyond what they thought was possible. She bestows a work ethic, passion and charisma for sport that is so perfectly in tune to the mission and values of Mizuno at our core. Ronda represents the advantage for Mizuno, in the Training category and beyond. We are proud to have her join us as part of the Mizuno family.”

Tomohiro Ota, Chief Marketing Officer at Mizuno USA

Ronda Rousey is many things. “Rowdy.” “The Baddest Woman on the Planet.” “Mrs. Travis Browne.” “The GOAT.” The namesake of this very website. And now she’s one more thing: a member of the #MizunoFamily.

That’s right—Ronda has joined global special sporting good company Mizuno’s athlete roster.

The announcement of this partnership was made earlier this week, on National Girls & Women in Sports Day (February 5). According to Ronda, “Mizuno is a brand that I have loved since I was 11-years old. Over the years, I’ve tried other brands and continually am drawn back by the quality, attention to detail and focus on performance delivered in Mizuno gear. It is beyond any of the other sports brands out there.”

She added, “Mizuno is one of the brands that flies under the radar. It comes across as a brand for elite athletes only – but Mizuno has so much to offer to athletes in all points of their athletic journey. I feel honored to have the opportunity to play an influential role in the next phase of Mizuno and introduce fellow athletes to what Mizuno has to offer.”

“Ronda is the epitome of female empowerment and is a leading, authentic voice driving change and opportunity for female athletes. In the US market, we are at a precipice to put ourselves out front and be a part of the female athletes’ journey. The perspective Ronda can bring to us as a competitive, high performance female athlete is instrumental. It is the right moment and right partner to help us share the deeply rooted expertise of Mizuno dating back more than a century ago.”

Harper Cornell, Brand Marketing Lead at Mizuno USA

You can read more about the partnership here.

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