Remember When Ronda Became Pikachu For ESPN Sportscenter?

Kel Dansby
Rousey dressed up as Pikachu
Ronda Rousey removes her Pikachu mask in her SportsCenter spot. Image by ESPN.

What’s more intimidating than Ronda Rousey hitting the heavy bag and training for a fight? Rousey doing these things in a Pikachu costume. Pika, pika! 

That’s right, Ronda channeled her inner Pokemon fandom and put on a Pikachu mascot suit for an ESPN video shoot in 2015 for SportsCenter.

After a few views of the video (let’s be real, you just can’t watch it one time), it makes you wonder if Ronda is even more ferocious than the Pokemon character she portrayed? After all, Rousey doesn’t even need electricity to take you out. 

Sure, Pikachu has moves like thunderbolt, quick attack, and thundershock but can he sink in a perfect armbar? Can his body slam attack match up to Rousey’s judo throw? 

There’s only one way to solve this: Ronda should be a secret character in the upcoming Super Smash Bros. Ultimate video game so we can actually answer these pending questions.

We may be on to something special here.

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