Ronda Rousey is Down to Play Sonya Blade in a New ‘Mortal Kombat’ Movie

Justin Golightly
Ronda Rousey Sonya Blade Mortal Kombat

Hollywood keeps digging up our buried time capsules of nostalgia and dusting off all those warm, pop culture memories of yesteryear. With all the reboots and remakes, it’s only a matter of time before a studio creates a new Mortal Kombat film in IMAX 3D, uppercutting audiences into a river of acid in stunning realism.

Back in 1995, New Line Cinema decided to capitalize on the blood-drenched video game franchise by removing everything that made it wildly successful. The new generation deserves a better Mortal Kombat movie that changes everything except that rad theme song and Ronda Rousey is so down.

“Even though I loved playing Princess Kitana because you got that crouch down and punch up cheat on the Sega Genesis, I think that I would be much better cast as Sonya Blade,” she said. “My personality is much more similar to hers and my look and demeanor.”

No fan blades and blue ninja mask for Ronda, she’d rather put on green lycra and chase down one-eyed Kano as Sonya Blade. Nothing personal against her favorite Sega go-to character, she just thinks it’d be a better fit for her than a princess assassin who’s over 10,000 years old.

“I feel like I could much easier slip into the mindset and skin of Sonya Blade than someone like Kitana,” she said. “I don’t really feel like I could be the royalty type very well. I couldn’t really do royalty, haha. It’d take a lot of studying. I think it would just be a lot easier and more natural to be Sonya Blade.”

So, when the rumors of a new Mortal Kombat hitting the big screen again start to spread, no need to worry about at least one character ruining your childhood: “Rowdy” Ronda Rousey is in the house!

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Look cool whether you’re in the Outworld or in Earthrealm.

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