Ronda Rousey Pees Her Pants Doing the Twizzlers ‘Lady and the Tramp’ Challenge

LaToya Ferguson

Hey, want to see something almost sickeningly* adorable? Then check out this video of Ronda Rousey and husband Travis Browne—at Browsey Acres, of course—doing the “Lady and the Tramp Challenge” with Twizzlers (the peel kind, which is the superior kind). Or at least, trying to do the “Lady and The Tramp Challenge.”

* I should note that it’s only “sickeningly” adorable on my end as a lady with no Twizzlers. I’m jealous, okay?

Now I know what you’re wondering: Who will win? The lady or the tramp? Will the lady keep changing the rules throughout the challenge? And why, exactly, does the lady pee her pants during this, of all challenges? You’ve just got to watch to find out.

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