Listen to Ronda Rousey Describe the Gun-Toting Badass She Played in ‘Mile 22’

Justin Golightly
Ronda Rousey mile 22 movie

The last blockbuster of the summer is here and we’re not talking about WWE’s SummerSlam where Ronda Rousey earned the RAW Women’s Championship. Action-thriller film Mile 22, starring Mark Wahlberg, also features “Rowdy” Ronda doing badass special ops stuff.

While it would make sense that Rousey was part of an elite CIA task force prior to capturing WWE and UFC gold, that’s just part the character Sam Snow that she plays in the movie. Although, while there is more machine gun shooting than judo, being a WWE Superstar did help out with the role.

“There are so many skills that spill over because of the WWE. I spent just enough time studying for this role as I would preparing for a fight,” Rousey told the WWE. “I really wanted to fight Iko [Uwais] to be honest, I just think that our two fighting styles would just look so amazing juxtaposed against each other.”    

Ronda Rousey was referring to Indonesian silat expert and stuntman Iko Uwais. He first put audience’s jaws on the floor in the relentless thrill ride and cult hit called The Raid. Now, he’s caught the attention of a huge American audience, as well as Rousey herself. Here’s a factioid: That’s not an easy thing to accomplish.    

“Sam, the character, she is a weapon of a woman and there is a presence that goes along with that,” she said during the red carpet premiere. “And I know that I can exude this presence the way that Sam Snow could.”

As Rousey’s career continues, she’s bound to end up in more movies. Maybe she and Uwais can throw down in another film. With everything stereotypically 90’s being remade, rebooted or revived, someone has to be coming up with the idea for a new Mortal Kombat movie. For now though, you have Mile 22 in theaters to hold you over.     

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