Ronda Impresses ‘Hot Ones’ With Her Bone Breaking Expertise (On and Off the Mat)

Julia De Mars

The day has come, Rowdy Ones! You can now catch Ronda Rousey taking on host Sean Evans in this week’s episode of Hot Ones. That’s right, the show with hot questions finally has “The Baddest Guest on the Planet.”

But why is this episode so special? You’ve obviously never seen the “Rowdy” one destroy a plate of 50 wings for her post-fight celebrations… or on a Tuesday. So, watching this Hot Ones episode will clear up any skepticism you may have about Ronda’s wing game, as you notice how Ronda has the mental strength and technique of a seasoned hot wing eater. (“Seasoned” as in expert, as the only seasoning on these wings are some of the hottest sauces on Earth.)

If you’ve watched the show before, you know that most guests take a nibble or two, but Ronda Rousey does not do that. In fact, as Sean Evans notes, the way Ronda splits and devours her chicken wing bones is pretty reminiscent of her armbar style. Check it out:

Aside from the bone breaking, Ronda breaks down the “perfect” armbar technique, while also talking zombies, sustainable living, Dragon Ball Z, Judoka philosophy, and more. She even gives more context to her extra knuckle, which comes with the story behind her finger being severed during the filming of a scene for 9-1-1.

One thing is for sure during this episode of Hot Ones: Ronda Rousey has mad tolerance for spices.

Since we’re talking hand stuff, we might as well go back in time to when Ronda got her stitches out after the aforementioned 9-1-1 finger injury:

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