Watch Ronda Rousey’s Glamorous and Gritty Battle with Michelle Rodriguez in Furious 7

Justin Golightly

Not too many action movies go past a sequel.

The rare few get the privilege of becoming trilogies but are usually ragged on pretty hard. The Fast & Furious franchise has spawned an unprecedented eight movies with more in production.

On lucky number Furious 7, Ronda Rousey finally got her hands dirty and fight choreographer Jeff Imada had an absolute slobberknocker planned for her with the blockbuster’s mainstay, Michelle Rodriguez.

Rodriguez has been a badass in film and television for longer than Ronda has even been tossing ladies on their head in steel cages. It made total sense to have these two icons beat the hell out of each other.

“[Rodriguez] was like, ‘Really throw me into that door! I want it to look real,'” Ronda told Entertainment Tonight. “Michelle had so much fun. By the end of the day, I was really impressed. I thought I was going to be working with a bunch of porcelain dolls. These were women who were so passionate about what they did, they were down to do whatever to make it look right.”

The fight was more than just getting to watch two chicks punch and kick each other, whether you noticed or not, Ronda was able to show off a judo clinic in the movie.

Keep an eye out for the super smooth rolling osoto gari and a kata guruma which Ronda pulls off while going down into the splits. It was really an awesome showcase of her skills that could be missed while the casual viewer munches popcorn.

The fight scene possessed a level of ferocity and skill demonstrated by women that even in 2018 is not seen a whole lot on the American big screen. Rodriguez thinks that is something that needs to change.

“I think more women like [Ronda] need to be making movies because that’s that military side, that’s that boxing side, that’s that fighter world side, that’s that warrior side,” she told Access. “I portray that in films, she is that in real life, and it’d be great if there were more women from that world who came to bring that truth to the big screen.”

Flashback to Ronda Rousey’s first film with The Expendables 3

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